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Behind the Scenes Photos Compilation:
So MBC released a loooooooooooooooooot of photos through videos, and I like the photos so much that I screenshot many of it. Did a compilation as well, for those who are lazy to see the photos from the videos, and those who wants to keep the photos! :)

#1: BONGJI -> Lee Sang Woo & Kim So Yeon [91 photos]
#2: SWEETIE COUPLE -> Park Min Woo & Choi Yoon So [64 photos]
#3: BONGKI -> Lee Pil Mo & Kim So Yeon [46 photos]
#4: GROUP -> All casts [118 photos, selective]

English Subbed Episodes:
EPISODE 51 (21 August 2016) [Credit to ODK]
EPISODE 50 (20 August 2016) [Credit to ODK]
EPISODE 49 (14 August 2016) [Credit to ODK]
EPISODE 48 (13 August 2016) [Credit to ODK]
EPISODE 47 (07 August 2016) [Credit to ODK]
EPISODE 46 (31 July 2016)
EPISODE 45 (30 July 2016)
EPISODE 44 (24 July 2016)
EPISODE 43 (23 July 2016)
EPISODE 42 (17 July 2016)
EPISODE 41 (16 July 2016)
EPISODE 40 (10 July 2016)
EPISODE 39 (09 July 2016)
EPISODE 38 (03 July 2016)
EPISODE 37 (02 July 2016)
EPISODE 36 (26 June 2016)
EPISODE 35 (25 June 2016)
EPISODE 34 (19 June 2016)
EPISODE 33 (18 June 2016)
EPISODE 32 (12 June 2016)
EPISODE 31 (11 June 2016)
EPISODE 30 (05 June 2016)
EPISODE 29 (04 June 2016)
EPISODE 28 (29 May 2016)
EPISODE 27 (28 May 2016)
EPISODE 26 (22 May 2016)
EPISODE 25 (21 May 2016)
EPISODE 24 (15 May 2016)

Special: 20160223 Press conference cut - Lee Sang Woo's pledge of commitment
Special: 20160821 Section TV cut - Happy Home after-party
Preview: EP51 on 21 August 2016!>
Preview: EP50 on 20 August 2016!
Preview: EP49 on 14 August 2016!
EP47 CUT: Hyun Ki thanks Ji Geon for saving him
EP47: Ji Geon x Young Woo, the affectionate father-son relationship
Preview: EP48 on 13 August 2016!
Preview: EP47 on 07 August 2016!
Preview: EP46 on 31 July 2016!
Preview (Version 2): EP45 on 30 July 2016!
Preview: EP45 on 30 July 2016!
Preview (Version 2): EP43 on 23 July 2016!
Special: 20160717 Section TV cut - Lee Pil Mo envious of BongJi's sweet scenes!
Preview: EP43 on 23 July 2016!
Preview: EP42 on 17 July 2016!
Preview (Version 2): EP41 on 16 July 2016!
Preview: EP40 on 10 July 2016!
EP38: What is a kiss scene
Preview: EP39 on 09 July 2016!
Preview: EP36 on 26 June 2016!
Preview (Version 2): EP35 on 25 June 2016!
Preview: EP35 on 25 June 2016!
Preview (Version 2): EP33 on 18 June 2016!
EP32: Kim So Yeon's wedding promotional committee formed!
Preview: EP32 on 12 June 2016!
Preview (Version 2): EP31 on 11 June 2016!
Preview (Version 2): EP29 on 04 June 2016!


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    1. Get some sleep! Episodes 27 and 28 will be posted tonight, after EP30 finish airing! :D

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    1. Hi, yes, the subtitle file is not downloadable on google drive because it's uploaded as captions~

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