Subbing for Happy Home episodes

Hi all Homies,

As we all know, subbing for this drama has been slower than other dramas right from the start since sites like viki/dramafever didn't get the license to sub it. But since EP21, subbing has been even slower, and now on other website/fansites, the english subs are only available till EP23, which was aired close to 3 weeks ago.

I know everyone who is following this drama is anxious for the subs as well like me, so I decided to share the subbed episodes (actually I sub it for my family/relatives/friends who are watching it haha) to those who are also watching it! Go to the Happy Home tab and you'll be able to find the episodes.

Enjoy watching! :D


As some of you have already realized, my Youtube account got suspended because there were people who reported my subbed videos as 'inappropriate' and 'spam' T___T

But anyway, I've created a new channel (find the link at 'Getting Out'), and reuploaded all the subbed videos. Continue to enjoy watching! :)
Navigate through the pages for the subbed videos you need!

Videos here will be updated with my Youtube channel accordingly.
All videos from the same drama are in their respective tabs! :)

Leave comments if you have any questions to ask regarding the videos!
(/◔ ◡ ◔)/